Pere IV, 345 08020 Barcelona
18 November 2023 - 19 November 2023

free event for all publics

Here you can see where the works of the artists will be placed.



On 18 and 19 November La Escocesa is organising re-lligar; a free public event especially aimed at neighbouring communities in the Poblenou neighbourhood, which will host workshops, actions, performances and art installations. These activities will take place inside and on the exterior façade of La Escocesa, in the Sagrat Cor church square and in the annexed building where the Fundació Pere Tarrés carries out its activities.

The event is open to the artistic public as well as to the neighbours of the neighbourhood, families who are users of the Pere Tarrés Foundation and children and young people associated with the Esplai. On Saturday 19th there will be a communal meal for all those attending the event.

Coordinated by Juan Francisco Segura and Juan Antonio Cerezuela


Saturday 18th of November

Opening - Plaza Sagrat Cor
Welcome and public announcement of the event program

Percusión Mandinga - Plaza Sagrat Cor
Musicians originally from Senegal and Guinée Conakry will present a facet of their Mandinka culture through percussion, singing and dancing.

Puppets and clown show - Plaza Sagrat Cor
The cultural space El Ritmo de la Vida takes to the streets with its puppet and clown show by the Tea3tte company.

Guided tour - Entrance to La Escocesa
Activity in Catalan.

Quan la proposta arriba sense fer més massa soroll que el que podem fer quan ens hi posem disposant d'allò que tinguem més a mà – Espai Polivalent
Llapispanc organises a performative action that combines elements of the happening and free improvisation, to which we will try to approach without much forethought.

Menjar de barri - Plaza Sagrat Cor
Enjoy this community meal with the neighborhood. If you come, bring a vegetarian dish (no meat or fish) or something to drink to share!

Kiss me - Espai M
Gordana Zikic (Gotza Gotza) offer kisses behind a window, exploring human connection and the emotional impact of kissing through glass.

Guided tour - Entrance to La Escocesa
Activity in Spanish.

No registration required. Free admission on a first-come, first-served basis until full capacity is reached.

Editing workshop “Twins”
Pere Tarrés Foundation Building

Workshop on the creation of artist books with image associations. Aimed at children from 6 years old, teenagers and families. Maximum capacity of 20 people. Workshop in Spanish.

Workshop by Radial Radiant


Tracing I-Ching
Plaza Sagrat Cor

Drawing workshop based on the I-Ching book, an oracular system that compiles in 64 landscapes the dynamics that can govern the cosmos. Intended for young people and adults. Maximum capacity of 12 people. Workshop in Spanish.

Workshop by Natalia Castañeda Arbeláez


Poble Nou Covven
Espai Polivalent
A group discussion that uses conversation and creativity, through an exercise of meditation and elaboration of an object with local clay, to explore and reflect on the idea of community. Intended for people over 12 years of age. Maximum capacity of 12 people. Workshop in Spanish and Catalan.

Workshop by Jodie Chinn, Maria Roy and Ada Szojda with Casa de Semillas.


#noreply - Pere Tarrés Foundation Building
Marla Jacarilla presents a performative conference that, through a situationist drift, reflects on power dynamics and gentrification processes in Poblenou.

Fireworks performance - Plaza Sagrat Cor
Organised by Diables del Poblenou


Sunday, 19th of November

Guided tour - Entrance to La Escocesa.
Activity in Spanish.

La malvidente circundante - Entrance to La Escocesa.
Laura Arensburg organises an oracular tour around La Escocesa to ask ourselves and (mis)see the future of the neighborhood.

Vermut, snacks and colloquium - Entrance to La Escocesa.
Open conversation about the past, present and future of Poblenou among the attendees as a closing of the event. With the participation of Lluisa Gadea and Marco Noris (artists linked to the reality of Poblenou and former residents of La Escocesa) and Salvador Clarós (president of the Associació de Veïns i Veïnes del Poblenou).





If you have any needs or questions regarding the accessibility of this activity, please, visit the page "access La Escocesa" by clicking here

18 November 2023 - 19 November 2023

free event for all publics

Here you can see where the works of the artists will be placed.

Pere IV, 345 08020 Barcelona