Pere IV, 345 08020 Barcelona

natalia castañeda arbeláez


Starting from an exercise of careful observation, the work of Natalia seeks to establish connections  that set up from representation to visual narratives that question the desires of the observer of the landscape and the very will of the portrayed. The commitment to follow-up and documentation in specific territories such as mountain glaciers, allow a body to body agency projected in stories that cross scientific studies, personal affections and fictions. Her work proposes cartographic transits between different approach points, paths that, through lines, include geological, biological, human and nonhuman movements. Narratives that are superimposed through artistic means such as drawing, painting, ceramics and video. An emotional emphasis to register dynamics that govern the drama and the meteorology of the territory.

PhD. in Arts from the University of Barcelona 2022, Studied Fine Arts at the University of the Andes in Bogotá 2004, obtained the DNSBA at École National Supérieur de Beaux Arts in Paris 2009, Master's Degree in Artistic Creation at the University of Barcelona 2017. She has exhibited individually at the National Museum of Anthropology, Madrid, 2023, Museum Extremeño e Iberoamericano of Contemporary Art, Badajoz, 2022, at the Nueveochenta Gallery (Bogotá), Isabel Hurley Gallery (Málaga), Pereira Art Museum, Flora Ars-Natura ( Bogotá), Marilia Razuk Gallery (Sao Paulo), Art Museum of Caldas, (Manizales), 45 National Artists Biennial (Bogotá), Sala Alcalá (Madrid), Les Abattoirs (Toulouse), Tabacalera (Madrid), CIFO Art Space ( Miami), PARC (Lima), I International Triennial of the Caribbean (Santo Domingo), MOCA (Buenos Aires), Vermelho Gallery (Sao Paulo), Academie des Beaux-Arts (Paris), Palais Garnier (Paris), IX International Biennial of Cuenca, National Museum of Colombia (Bogotá).




Credits of the portrait: Pauline Mattia

Pere IV, 345 08020 Barcelona