Pere IV, 345 08020 Barcelona
28 September 2022

studio visits


The studio visits programme has been created to promote and make visible the work of La Escocesa's resident artists and to activate a space for professional exchange based on hospitality and dialogue between artists and curators. As a way of taking advantage of the flows and resources that are constantly moving in the so-called art world, each month we will invite various agents working in the local context or passing through Barcelona.

These visits are also a pretext to talk about working conditions in the art sector and to think about issues related to professionalisation, sustainability and the generation of related networks.


Next visit:

28/9/22 Aimar Arriola


Past visits:

17/5/22 Alba Folgado

31/5/22 Gema Darbo.

8/6/22 Marenka Krasomil.

29/6/22 Cindy Sissokho

20/7/22 Art Nou Primera Visió

6/9/22 Jay Pather and The Green Parrot

16/9/22 Alejandro Alonso Díaz

22/9/22 Éricka Flórez


28 September 2022
Pere IV, 345 08020 Barcelona