Pere IV, 345 08020 Barcelona

June 29th

Cindy Sissokho

Cindy Sissokho (France) is a curator, cultural producer, and writer with a specific interest in intellectual, political and artistic aspects of decoloniality within the arts, and culture. Her curatorial practice is nurtured by the urgency to broaden and disseminate epistemologies and cultural production from systemically racialized and marginalized perspectives, and from the Global South.

Recent exhibition projects include our spatial stories live in performative futures (2022) curated at HANGAR, Lisbon, this is a love poem, (2021) curated at EXILE Gallery, Vienna for the international contemporary arts festival Curated by (Austria) and Breaking Translation(s) (2021) an online exhibition for HANGAR, Lisbon (Portugal). Upcoming exhibition projects will be the curation of Black Tales, a multimedia sound installation by artists Mónica De Miranda and Xullaji for Refuge, the 4th edition of the Lagos Biennale 2023 (Nigeria).

She articulates and brings curatorial and theoretical reflections through writings including art reviews and interviews for Ocula, Terremoto, The Sole Adventurer, The Kitchen, NYC, and Nka: The Contemporary African Art Journal, and publication commissions.

She currently works as a Curator and Special Projects Producer at the New Art Exchange in Nottingham (UK).


Pere IV, 345 08020 Barcelona