Pere IV, 345 08020 Barcelona

christos papasotiriou


(Athens – 1989) Masters in Visual Arts (Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp, 2015 - 2017) and Integrated Masters in Fine Arts (Athens School of Fine Arts, 2009 - 2014).

My practice is an interdisciplinary research on the relation between sound and contemporary construction applications. It focuses on the idea of how heavy construction materials can be combined with audio compositions and sound installations. The scores are mainly an outcome of paradoxes between continuous physical labor and perpetual mechanical movement. My main interest focuses on the notion of sound as it is projected through a specific action or intervention in space.

Through my installations I attempt to interpret sounds and images dragged out of the public landscape. Each artwork emerges from external experiences and situations related to a specific environment. Therefore, I use it as an unlimited source of information that determines my perception of a certain location. By placing myself into this conditions I observe the boundaries between inside - outside space and I examine the meaning of access permission. The Ideas captured during this process are usually being translated into a much simpler and subtractive display.

Even though the materiality remains the same as objects that can be found in public view, my artworks tend to have a non practical function. I tend to deform their original state, as a result, they look more like large scale toys rather than structural tools. The unit becomes significant into my practice and consequently unfolds a whole mechanism of development and evolution.


Pere IV, 345 08020 Barcelona