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Seminario performativo Lógicas de lo indomiciliado

Research and experimentation project 2018
Luis Guerra

The Performative Seminar Logics of the Undomiciled is a work of pedagogical-artistic research that crosses philosophy and performance in its methodology of production.

The Seminar's aim is the generation of a space for physical and visual experimentation around the notion of the undomiciled (without fixed abode). The undomiciled is that which has not a fixed territory, domicile, or property. The undomiciled is that which only exists in its pure trajectory, in fact, in its becoming evanescence. Its condition is that of an operative loss which, in its declination, forces-forms the context operating a possibility.

Based on the conditions of a seminar, meaning a classical academic figure, the proposal is part of a collaborative-pedagogical opening with those who will attend the seminar. That is, the proposal supposes an opening to the public, which comes to participate in the process of production of the seminar itself.

During the Seminar, the participants will obtain the conceptual tools framing the proposal, based on the philosophies of Athena Athanasiou, Fernand Deligny, Oskar Hansen and Félix Guattari.

Dispossession, the arachnid and ecosophy are proposed as oscillatory axes, from which to develop a series of performative exercises that will allow an operational reflection on artistic pedagogy, the generation of performative work, and a theoretical-practical reflection on the condition of body and environment.

The logics of the undomiciled are those forms of appearing that are inscribed in what I have named as unmodeling acting. The hypothesis of the project is the deactivation of the domiciles, of the configurative molds that nest in the daily performativity, for composing, through a series of physical exercises (considering here the analysis and philosophical exchange as part of the physical, the mind as an organ mobile), areas of deterritorialization and anomie.

The invitation is then to an undomicilization of the subject (Guattari, Foucault, Badiou) and to the process of construction of what Fernand Deligny calls "being in network", which is, a subjectivity sustained in the trajectorial opening. That is why the project is in itself a laboratory, a space of experimentation and a work. The participants are not only external agents, rather they will compose potential lines of flight for building this performative anarchitecture.

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