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You can be part of La Escocesa’s community as a member/user, a modality intended for anyone who develops an artistic activity or research on issues related to contemporary art and who wants to get involved and make use of the space, without having its own studio.

The open call for new members opens once a year and it seeks to expand the social base of the association with the active participation of the people who support the space.

The fee to be part of the association is 12€ per month through two payments per year.



• Be of age.

• Develop an artistic or research activity on issues related to contemporary art.

• Apply to the annual open call.



• Be part of the Associació d’Ideas EMA, managing body of La Escocesa, and actively participate in the assemblies.

• Be part of the community.

• Participate in the activities and apply to internal open calls.

• Access to the center during office hours: from Tuesday to Thursday from 10am to 6pm and on Fridays from 10am to 3pm.

• Receive a weekly newsletter with internal information.

• Make use of common resources and spaces, such as the risography studio, the photo laboratory and the ceramic, wood and metal workshops.

• Use of free temporary workspaces.

• Receive information about open calls and grants.

• Propose activities to be carried out at La Escocesa.


If you have any questions or need more information, contact


members of La Escocesa

Erika Volpini

Ezequiel Soriano

Silvia Renda

Christos Papasotiriou

Rosa B. Lendínez

Juan Antonio Cerezuela

Valentina Alvarado Matos

Joan-Marc Batllé Vives

Jodie Chinn

Fabrizio Contarino

Irene Contreras Fernández

Carola Fernández Moujan

Marla Jacarilla

Alina Melnikova

Lourdes Pañaranda

Thilleli Rahmoun

Juan Francisco Segura Martínez

Carlos Vázquez Méndez

Maíra das Neves

Antonia Rossi Charnes

Vanessa Donoso López

Marc Dentand

Maria Carmen G. Mahedero

Gustavo Caletti

Esther Ferrer

M.Luz Cubas

Lucila Prestach

Coral Senderos

Albert Bonay

Elisa Ortega Montilla

Emma Clapés

Gordana Zikic

Anouchka Skoudy

Helena Calafell

Sara Agudo Millán

Rafael Andrés Castillo Schwerer

Fernando Andrés Caledón Pérez

Carmen de Ayora

Beatriz Regueira Pons

Adrianna Szojda

Pere IV, 345 08020 Barcelona