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the co-laboratory
A testing and caring space for projects affected by COVID-19


Do you feel that the conventional measures of risk management are limiting your art project? Are you looking for new ways to achieve a physical encounter in a safe and relaxed manner? Do you seek to incorporate imaginative ways to comply with the preventive measures of the protocols ? Have you found or experienced any solutions and would like to share them?

If you are a collective, individual artist, art center, etc. and you have any doubts, discomforts or challenges regarding how to manage the risks in real meetings of real bodies, feel free to contact us and we will collaborate with you in the search for specific solutions for your project.

The CO-llaboratory was born as an open space to together try and test possibilities and proposals that arise from the specific needs of artists, collectives, groups, and situations that are affected by these uncertain times of Covid-19. With this space, we aim to generate a place of shared knowledge of a flexible and participatory nature. The CO-llaboratory is meant both to produce and exchange experiences and, furthermore, to express doubts and discomforts.

The word CO-llaboratory is a combination of two meanings (collaboration and laboratory). This way, the scope of collective participation and community work (collaboration) comprises the need for an experimental space that generates knowledge (laboratory).

By opening up this space, the goal is to meet the following objectives of action:

1. To work as a support and meeting place for the elaboration of any artistic and cultural project or activity that require adapting to the new security measures of the Covid-19 situation.

2. To generate and promote from care horizontal spaces for creation, exchange, and contact, aimed at artists and people from the creative and cultural fields. To propose methodologies that promote from personal experiences and learnings the generation of shared knowledge.

3. To detect, share, and analyze the collective problems and discomforts which, due to the Covid-19 situation, affect or may affect the artistic community at an emotional, creative, economic level, and so on; and to collectively approach the implementation of the official solutions at hand.

4. To provide a series of resources and references to the artistic community, as proposals for new creative ways developed as a consequence of the Covid-19 crisis.

5. To think about new ideas and proposals that respect the principles and objectives created by the CO-rpus research group of La Escocesa. As a response to the need of creating a set of measures that promote the continuity of cultural activities, these principles and objectives stem from the presence and safety of bodies.




Feel free to write us!

Pere IV, 345 08020 Barcelona