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introduction to risography

What happens when the machine works together in the process of creation? What if we let the intrinsic qualities of the medium lead the process? How does that affect who produces and the final result? Becoming aware of the physicality involved in printing processes and, therefore, becoming aware of the bodies that inhabit them and the time they occupy seems relevant to us at a time when much of this remains invisible. The stencil duplicator or risograph printing works with a series of basic elements for the duplication of images. Colors, screens, registration, displacement, superimposition, and transparency, can become powerful tools for creation.

Starting from the principle of multiplicity presented by the medium, this workshop given by Patricia Martín and Edgar Prieto from do the Print propose to approach printing using these basic principles presented by this process of duplication. This would mean accepting them with their virtues and imperfections, without this being a brake, but rather a challenge and acceptance of all the elements involved in the process so that they become part of it. Throughout these three sessions, we will review these concepts and starting from an A3 as a delimiting measure, we will explore the composition and creation beyond the matrix, where these elements become generators and tools, to finish composing an image or creating content.

This activity is part of the summer workshops.


All sessions will be from 17 to 20 h.


Session 1: Tuesday, July 12. Introduction. Theoretical introduction of printing in risography. Limitations and inherent errors. Finishes and processes.

Session 2: Wednesday, July 13. Presentation of the driving concept. Presentation of works that deal with the approach. Experimentation and printing with the technique.

Session 3: Thursday, July 14. Review and closing of final artwork. Experimentation and printing with the technique. Comments and conclusions.


15 € to be paid in cash on the first day of the workshop.


The workshop is open to anyone. It is not necessary to have previous knowledge of risography or other editorial or graphic production techniques.

Maximum group size is 15 people.

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About do the print. Editorial label and a risography printing studio established in Barcelona in 2012. Its practice is born as a reflection and debate on publishing and production processes. Looking for a transversal dialogue between the publication, the editor, the author, and the printing process. Where the medium becomes part of the discourse.


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15 € prior registration here


Pere IV, 345 08020 Barcelona