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results of the call for artistic research residencies REART ⇆


REART ⇆ is a networked project for the promotion of artistic research involved in specific contexts, through three residences, a collective meeting-laboratory, and a digital archive of projects. It is promoted collaboratively by Idensitat, Casa Planas (Palma), La Escocesa (Barcelona) and Le BBB Centre d'Art (Toulouse) and is supported by the Pyrenees-Mediterranean Euroregion.
Through the call made by REART ⇆ four projects have been selected to carry out artistic research residencies in three specific locations but with a common thematic framework around the concept of "transperiphery".
Of the four residences, two are onsite: one in Barcelona, with the support of La Escocesa, and another in Palma de Mallorca, with the support of Casa Planas. The third takes place virtually, with the accompaniment of Idensitat. The projects carried out in these residencies must be completed before December 15, 2022 and will be published on the REART ⇆ digital platform.
After the residencies, there will be a joint 4-day meeting organised at the BBB Centre d'Art in Toulouse, which will take place in November 2022, on which the three selected projects must participate. This meeting is understood as a complementary part of the residency and will be organised as a collective laboratory space combining time for production and reflection with meetings with professionals, to promote the launch of the research projects once the residencies are completed.


Josephine Lunal. Texo. / La Escocesa, onsite residency.
Lourdes Peñaranda. Contigüidades. / Casa Planas, onsite residency.
María Alcaide. I've left so many times I don't know if I'm going forwards or backwards / Idensitat, online residency.
Célin Jiang. My Best Emotions — Hard-discount of (#self ) Love. / Idensitat, online residency.



The projects are conceived as an opportunity to downshift, and to question the relationships between the centre (as a predictable space of control) and the periphery (as an uncertain space of disarray). The concept "transperipheral" allows us to develop the idea of traversing, overflowing, deactivating, or expanding, to project it beyond what is found inside and outside the opposing imaginaries of control/chaos, or essential/marginal. The creation and production spaces participating in REART ⇆ are aware of their location, and at the same time of their peripheral stance, both in relation to the urban context and to the artistic practices they promote. The objective is to develop working processes in which residencies become an opportunity to rethink temporal and spatial displacement, while also advancing proposals that draw attention to the possibility of envisioning possible transgressions.





Text and textile come from the same Latin word, “texo”. This common etymology indicates that to conceive a text is to create a tension among several threads, and to intertwine them. Josephine compares this to the work of the artist; assembling concepts and materials. Thus, in this project, she proposes to reflect upon the artist's work.
Josephine proposes to create a series of text-objects that will be both sculptures and publications. The series will be inspired by tissue and fabric (in the textile and anatomical senses of the words), reinventing the book using the ideas of networks/interconnections, fabric/mesh, layers/pages; like mille-feuille. Each piece in the series will be made of bioplastic, ceramic and text. The composition as a whole, an assembly of fragments, will form a network, a constellation. The superimposed layers will play with transparencies, between the veiled and the unveiled, what is hidden or exposed to view; thus forming an invitation “to see through, and to let yourself pass through”. It will evoke skin, which is,  for the artist,  the organ of relationship par excellence, insofar as it represents an interface with the other, completely enveloping, as a periphery, a porous border between the self and the world.

Born in 1992 in Nîmes, a graduate in Fine Arts in Toulouse in 2017 and in Anthropology in 2020, she lives and works in Toulouse. She develops her research using a variety of media (performance, video, installation, ceramics, etc.) to conceive constellations of works that allow her to approach themes from different perspectives. She thus develops her projects in series, variations and declensions. Her works put into perspective the way in which relationships with others influence and constitute identities. She is interested in alterity and work on human/non-human relationships. Her practice is located within a feminist and ecological approach. The idea of communication occupies an important place in her work, and writing is almost always a starting point for creation. Her way of thinking and creating is more arborescent than linear, and approaches forms that free her texts from the temporal linearity inherent in the spoken word.


All the information about the selected projects and artists here.



Pere IV, 345 08020 Barcelona