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open call for artistic residencies La Escocesa 2022


We finally resolved our artist in residence program open call!

The jury panel, composed by Lucía Piedra y Lola Lasurt as external representatives, Silvia Renda and Natalia Domínguez as internal representatives and actual artists in residence, and Alba Colomo, the director of La Escocesa, want to underline the high quality of all the proposals.

The final decision, among the more than 90 applications, followed the criteria established on the open call instructions and selected a total of 23 artists, who are specified below:

A1. 1 year residence for new members
January – December 2023
  • Helena Civit
  • Selma Khadija
  • Rosa Lendínez + Luna Acosta
  • Christos Papasotiriou
  • Irina Russell
  • Teknodrag: Feña Celedón, Luciana Chieregati, Sara Manubens y Lyn Diniz


A1. 2 years residence for actual members
January 2023 – December 2024
  • Paula Bruna
  • Natalia Carminati
  • Dennis Dizon
  • Julia Aurora Guzmán + Michael Lawton
  • Antoni Hervas
  • Helena Vinent


B. 1 year research residency
January – December 2023
  • Matilde Amigo
  • Laura Arensburg
  • Julia Gorostidi
  • Andi Icaza
  • Caterina Miralles
  • Sofia Montenegro
  • Agustín Ortiz
  • Carolina Sourdis
  • Sonia G. Villar


Congratulations to all the selected people!



Pere IV, 345 08020 Barcelona