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1st edition - 2022/2023

matadero madrid


As part of our alliance program, La Escocesa and the Matadero Madrid Center for artistic residencies have established a call for exchange that offers two production residencies: one at Matadero Madrid for a visual artist residing in the province of Barcelona and another at La Escocesa for a visual artist residing in the Community of Madrid.

Matadero Madrid, as a center for contemporary creation, promotes a residency program to support creators in a broad sense, both indicative and non-limiting in terms of their recipients: artists, researchers, thinkers, cultural agents, transdisciplinary, etc.. This program is carried out through the Center for Artistic Residencies, which aims to support creative processes and provide accompaniment, both at the curatorial level and at the production level, offering spaces, facilitating production, research and learning
shared with other people in residence and agents.


2nd edition - 2023/2024

september to december 2023

La Escocesa


megane mercury

Megane Mercury is a multidisciplinary artist based in Madrid who uses visual arts as their main medium of expression. They also writes songs, sings, produces and provides creative direction for all their musical and visual projects. Their interests include dissident identities, capturing the everyday, film, documentary and anything that causes them visual pleasure or curiosity. Previously, they has collaborated in the OFF of the XIV Dakar Biennial, with PHotoESPAÑA and is one of the winners of the first Afronteriza Residence launched by Conciencia Afro.

Deayípaká is a project that explores the cultural and identity intersection experienced by people whose lives have been marked by migratory processes. It seeks to find the similarities, differences and links that cross the identities of these people through image and aesthetics, mixing objects, locations, attire and other elements that refer to both their origins and the context in which they live, forming a visual collage full of references in which fashion and art direction come into play.

This project arises from the urgency and need to create a contemporary archive that faithfully portrays the reality of migrants and children of migrants, involving these people in the creative process, either by contributing elements, being photographed in their homes and nearby environments, or by contributing their own ideas.


february to april, 2024

Matadero Madrid

ghosts in public space

catarina botelho

Catarina Botelho is a visual artist and researcher interested in the relationships between spaces, places, architectures and the uses and experiences that challenge productivist logics in urban space. Her work has been exhibited in different places such as MAAT, Museu de Arte, Arquitectura e Tecnologia, Lisbon; Fundación FotoColectania, Barcelona (2020); Sesc Pinheiros, São Paulo; Villa Iris, Fundación Botín, Santander; Gulbenkian Foundation, Lisbon; Casa de Serralves - Fundação de Serralves, Porto and La Casa Encendida, among others. In recent years it has received grants from the "la Caixa" Foundation, Premis Barcelona 2021, OSIC and the Gulbenkian Foundation. He also organises public programming activities and other collective projects. In 2018 he took part in the Independent Studies Programme (PEI) at MACBA and is currently resident at La Escocesa.

Her project Ghosts in urban space works on the relationship of the lesbian body with the urban space of Madrid, through photographic representations produced in the 80s and 90s. For a long time, lesbian identity was practically invisible in the Westernised world. It was hardly associated with images or imagery, and when it was, it was associated with stereotypes created by heterosexual male gazes. In public space, lesbians were especially invisible, hardly having places of their own or cartographies. The occupation and appropriation of city space by an identity is essential for it to be able to construct itself as a social and political subject. Excluded from public space, lesbians have not had this possibility for a long time.

previous editions

1st edition - 2022/2023

Pere IV, 345 08020 Barcelona