Pere IV, 345 08020 Barcelona

helena civit kopeinig


(Villach, Austria, 1997) Bachelor of Fine Arts at the University of Barcelona (2019). Graphic and editorial design studies at Escola Massana (Barcelona). Continuous training in pottery, currently works as a ceramicist.

In her art practice, Helena seeks to immerse her work in the language of things. Through the observation of studio processes and everyday rituals, in the in-between of touch, gaze, and the

penumbra of what hovers within the limits of perception - an interplay of forms, allusions, and echoes emerges. She investigates the capacity of matter to carry meaning, probing the (im)possibility of interpretation found in object, trace, sign, or image.
She is interested in the pivoting relationship between body, object and tool, and in the idea of an inversion of their respective roles and behaviours. Gestures that manipulate and shape, tools that mold and are shaped, in turn, by the work. Repetition, mark, movement and habit, the choreography of the artisan body. The negotiation of forces by which we shape things, and these things shape us. Matter as trace.

Her work has been exhibited at different centers and galleries in and around Barcelona, in group and solo shows; and it is in multiple private collections.



Pere IV, 345 08020 Barcelona