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anna izquierdo


Graduated in Arts and Design at Escola Massana (Barcelona, 2013-2017) and with honors in the Master in Visual Arts, Photography at Sint Lukas School of Arts (Brussels, 2020-2021), Anna Izquierdo is a photographer and visual artist based in Barcelona. In her artistic practice, Anna Izquierdo reflects on the very limits of photographic language and is interested in understanding the more amateur and domestic use of photography. 

Collage and writing are media that support her use of photography and allow her to compose images that escape from the literal. 

In 2022 she published I'm okay with Terranova, a double theoretical and photographic book on the self-representation of adolescent girls through photography. The book has been part of festivals and fairs and the author has given lectures presenting it as in the Lluerna festival of the Fundació Miró, in the Revela't Festival, in the Escola Massana, in the Terranova Bookstore.

Currently, she combines her practice as an artist with her work as a photographer and works for fashion brands, architects, designers and musicians, always maintaining a very personal style.



Pere IV, 345 08020 Barcelona