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Further of the four screens.

The state of alarm declared by the Government of Spain on March 14, 2020, has radically changed the life of all citizens. Work dynamics, social relationships, or even our behavior in the public space have been affected and restricted by a series of rules of prevention and social distancing whose main purpose is to reduce infections and slow the spread of the disease. For several weeks we have suffered confinement, in many cases almost absolute, that probably leaves numerous psychological consequences that will last much longer than the virus. Our world has been reduced to four walls and some screens. Our conversations are no longer face to face. We have stopped hugging each other, shaking hands. We have stopped sharing things for fear of the virus, that acellular infectious agent that we cannot see, and that, in fact, is not even exactly alive. Collective rituals are no longer part of our lives. Museums, Art Centers, Galleries and Art Foundations have closed their doors and their only contents during these months have had to be online. Art has not disappeared from people's lives, but it has been forced to mutate to be seen only from the privacy of a screen.

Now more than ever, the fear of the future and a sense of uncertainty have become part of our routine. The process of progressive de-confinement is full of doubts and current standards and protocols vary through trial and error. In this unsure scenario, we believe that the presence of art in the streets is more necessary than ever, not only in a playful sense but also and above all as a tool for reflection (with respect to the context), regeneration (of our lives) and reappropriation (of the street as public space). Therefore, from the Project Co- launched by La Escocesa Open Factory of Analogical Creation, several working groups are investigating the best way to re-embody art in a safe way. The second of these, the co-ctelera, will bring art closer to the people of Poblenou through a series of activities that will take place during the months of progressive deconfinement. Projections, performance activities, collective creations, dance sessions, town criers, rituals around a traveling oven, and collaborative mapping will help the neighborhood to regain contact with art and interact with it.




Pere IV, 345 08020 Barcelona