Pere IV, 345 08020 Barcelona

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Photographic Laboratory


The Photographic Laboratory is a space for the realization and experimentation of various analog photographic processes. It is conceived as a workshop in which individual and collective creation is developed and that allows us to share and expand the artistic practice around the image through the great variety of techniques and processes.


Where is it?
The photo lab is located in a small room on the third floor of La Escocesa. On the terrace

Currently, the laboratory has the necessary material to develop black and white negatives and to print black and white and color copies. Apart from these basic processes, it is a space open to different proposals and creative practices.

Use of space / workshops
Every month there will be an introductory workshop to the laboratory with the aim of publicizing the operation of the space and getting started in the processes of developing and printing in black and white. In addition, a monthly workshop will be held on different techniques and processes such as cyanotype, liquid emulsion, among others.
The reservations of the laboratory are subject at the availability of the fellow commissioned. They are not rooms of free fit.

In charge:
The Photographic Laboratory is managed by the socia Marta Sellarés. Contact:

Pere IV, 345 08020 Barcelona