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Re-connection of isolated bodies.

Objectives and principles



Two-fold main objective: Offering strategies for the re-embodiment of culture and reactivating culture for the re-connection of isolated bodies.

 For this, we propose:

  • Facilitating strategies that can be useful for cultural centers and individual artists for the safe development of artistic proposals.  In relation to the reconnection and accompaniment of bodies, care and empathy, and the enhancement of affection, perceptions and socialization, strongly limited by social distancing and at the same time necessary to face the negative effects of preventive measures.
  • Offering a range of imaginative proposals for the implementation of conventional risk management measures, which complement the various existing and ongoing protocols, and help their incorporation in the artistic context.
  •  Opening a collaborative space for the exchange of experiences, the expression of doubts, and unease, including the contribution of inspirational proposals and points of reference aimed at the artistic community.


 Principles that inspire the proposals


  1. Health security: Protection against covid-19 trying to alleviate the feeling of fear, risk, discomfort and control that conventional measures can transmit and enhancing the feeling of security, receptivity and sociability.
  2. Artistic continuity: Facilitating as much as possible  the continuity of artistic activity in all its formats and languages.
  3. Artistic sense: Seeking alternatives for compliance with risk management measures that fit the spirit of artistic proposals, so that measures can be integrated into the concept, aesthetics, language, etc. of the work.
  4. Presence and sociability: Facilitating forms of accompaniment, social exchange and the transmission of emotions beyond virtual connection, based on the physical encounter of bodies and those with the environment. Enhance the physical and sensory expansion of the bodies based on sensuality and consent.
  5. Ecological connection: The body is an open, porous and interdependent system; health is not limited to the body itself but is a continuum that involves the entire ecological system, from the soil of the plants to our intestines. Therefore, the interconnections and interdependencies inherent in ecological networks, of which we are part, will be addressed.
  6. Care: Identifying and stopping the different forms of oppression and violence and promoting collective responsibility for care, taking into account the distribution of risks, damages and benefits among the different groups of people and non-human forms of life involved.
  7. Listening: Generating listening spaces where all kinds of noise can fit: open spaces between which to travel, where knowledge does not circulate in a hierarchical but horizontal way. Respecting silences, breaths, rhythms, hesitations and whispers.
  8. Awareness of impacts and consequences: Attention to the ecological consequences of the proposals, seeking those of lesser impact to future framework and with regards to the evaluation of play, participation, perceptibility, accompaniment, civil and personal liberties, etc.
  9. Transversality and accessibility: Developing broad-spectrum strategies regarding the variety of artistic activities (language, size, type of audience, representation formats ...) applicable outside the artistic context. Promote strategies for equitable, flexible, simple and intuitive use, with tolerance to error and low physical effort taking into account the variety of bodies, subjectivities and languages.
  10. Open source and mutability: Risk management proposals are shared, replicable, versionable and generate new ideas, promoting the free transmission of knowledge.





Pere IV, 345 08020 Barcelona