Pere IV, 345 08020 Barcelona

Josephine Lunal

REART ⇆ artistic research residency grant

september-october 2022


Born in 1992 in Nîmes, a graduate in Fine Arts in Toulouse in 2017 and in Anthropology in 2020, she lives and works in Toulouse. She develops her research using a variety of media (performance, video, installation, ceramics, etc.) to conceive constellations of works that allow her to approach themes from different perspectives. She thus develops her projects in series, variations and declensions. Her works put into perspective the way in which relationships with others influence and constitute identities. She is interested in alterity and work on human/non-human relationships. Her practice is located within a feminist and ecological approach. The idea of communication occupies an important place in her work, and writing is almost always a starting point for creation. Her way of thinking and creating is more arborescent than linear, and approaches forms that free her texts from the temporal linearity inherent in the spoken word.


REART ⇆ is a networked project for the promotion of artistic research involved in specific contexts, through three residences, a collective meeting-laboratory, and a digital archive of projects. It is promoted collaboratively by Idensitat, Casa Planas (Palma), La Escocesa (Barcelona) and Le BBB Centre d'Art (Toulouse) and is supported by the Pyrenees-Mediterranean Euroregion.






Pere IV, 345 08020 Barcelona