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Results of La Escocesa Artistic Research Grants 2022


After the selection process of more than 300 applications received in the 2022 edition of La Escocesa Artistic Research Grants, the jury composed of Mafe Moscoso, Irati Irulegi and Ramón Parramón (Idensitat), Ivette Serral (CREAF), and Alba Colomo and Sara Agudo (La Escocesa) highlights the multidisciplinarity and quality of the proposals and, exceptionally, has decided to award one more grant to the 5 initially planned.

We would like to thank all the people who have submitted their applications for their time and efforts. We know the work involved in preparing an application and that is why we have tried to make the process as careful as possible. Thanks to the commitment of the whole team and the partners of LICC.

The selected projects are:


Research Grant La Escocesa 2022

Plástica Institucional by Beatriz Regueira 

¿Cómo conseguimos que nos dejen en paz? by Castillo and Fátima Masoud

The in-Between: an Emotional Landscape by Arash Fayez 

too cool to burn by Dennis Dizon


Research Grant Ecotons La Escocesa - CREAF 2022

Temps al bosc de Gemma París by Rosa Llop


Research Grant Nexes Ciutat La Escocesa - Idensitat 2022

C.A.S.A. by Isabel Viana and Melissa Caminha


The finalist artists and collectives were:

Violeta Janeiro, Elian Stolarsky, Manuela y Jaime Currators, Carolina Campos Buraco, Natalia Domínguez, Cristina Mejías and Víctor Colmenero, txe roimeser xirgo / Ce Quimera, Lorenzo Sandoval, Laboratoire Artistique Contemporain en Fenouillèdes, Larre, Colectivo DU-DA, Helena Vinent, Hortèssia Fuster, La escuela de garaje, Lara Brown, iki yos piña narváez, Natalia Carminati & Laura Arensburg, Julián Pacomio and Ángela Millano, Colectivo Digestivo, La Cuarta Piel, Fabiana Vinagre and Yuri Tuma,  Oriol Garriga Mora, Amaranta Fontcuberta, Mabel Llevat, Irina Warner, María Cecilia Guelfi & Lara Brown, Antonio R Montesinos and Vostok Collective.

Pere IV, 345 08020 Barcelona