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At La Escocesa we open a new category of Associada, aimed at any artist or researcher who wants to become a user of La Escocesa space without having their own workshop.
The advantages of the Associates are the following:
  • You will be able to use the common spaces of La Escocesa, without access to your own workshop, this is the TOOLS that the center offers: risography, photographic development workshop, ceramic space and set. (Always under reservation and in the event that some of these services involve an additional cost, the corresponding rates will apply.)
  • You will become part of EMA Association, the managing body of La Escocesa, a relationship through which you can participate in the attacks with voice without vote.
  • You will be able to present yourself to all the internal calls and scholarships of the center, intended for users.
  • You can book a rotating workshop on time (bookings for weeks), for the development of a specific project.
  • You will contribute to broadening the social base of the La Escocesa open analog creation factory project.

The requirements to apply for membership in La Escocesa are as follows:
  • Being more than 18 years old.
  • Being currently in the development of an artistic or research activity on issues related to art in general.
  • Submit by e-mail to a letter detailing the artistic career of the applicant and a brief description of the reasons for becoming an associate of La Escocesa.
The figure of user associate is especially aimed at people who want to be part of the artistic and civic community of La Escocesa, helping to build the project collectively, and not as a solution to obtain a workshop, or a material storage place. Nor a place to make exhibitions or broadcasts of the work for their own benefit.
Associate applications can be submitted at any time of the year in electronic format. However, the acceptance of new Associates takes place in two periods that open in november and Juny of each year. During the months of november and Juny, the Board of the Association, together with the management of the center, meet to assess the applications. The acceptance or rejection of the applications will be communicated to each applicant after these evaluations.
The six-month fee for the associated users is € 58.
The period of associated will finalise at the any of the 6 months. A time passed this period will have to return at presenting at the announcement.
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Open factory for analog creation
Pere IV, 345 08020 Barcelona