Spaces and resident artists

The Lower Level

The lower level comprises 8 spaces of 30 m2. The rental of these areas includes the use of a communal space for activities, and of a rear patio area for open air sculptural work. Likewise, a communal space has also been created in the interior where artists can use tools related to sculpture. One of the studio spaces of the lower level serves as a workshop for exchanges with other creation centres.

The Upper Level

On the upper level there are 12 areas of 40 m2. In addition, there is a communal kitchen and computer room for collective use.

Resident artists

Miembro de:

Fàbricas de Creació


Ajuntament de BarcelonaGeneralitat de Catalunya - Departament de Cultura

Gestionada por:

Associació d'Idees EMA

En colaboración con:

Cervezas MoritzNonsimilarXarxaProd