Open calls

Criteria for selection of artists

La Escocesa is a space with a multidisciplinary artistic history. Its workshops have hosted the performing arts, visual arts, circus, and more. At present, although various artistic disciplines co-exist in the same space, La Escocesa tends to focus more and more on the visual arts, on one hand because of the adaptation of the spaces, and on the other, the ecology of the city.

La Escocesa is an artistic project with a public and collective calling. The selection criteria of La Escocesa has always been based on quality and excellence. 

In addition, La Escocesa runs a workspace exchange programme with other centres of creation.

Open calls

Open calls for access to a studio in La Escocesa and for the exchange programs are made public on the website of La Escocesa. On the website are announced the number of spaces available, their characteristics, the time limits for submission, and later, the candidates who have been selected. For each call the Associació d'Idées requires candidates to submit the following documentation:

1. Requested Data:

  • name and surname
  • contact details
  • artistic discipline
  • project description and/or activity to be conducted in the space
  • time period (maximum of three years)

2. Dossier and CV:

Dossier, biography and trajectory.

The Associació d'Idées manages the workshops with La Escocesa as a public service and understands that, in order to ensure access to the maximum number of artists as possible, use of the studios should be limited in time. The Associació, as interim manager of the space, has an annual lease agreement with the City Council, so stays will be confirmed each year up to a maximum of three years.

Next open calls

The call is open throughout the year for access to a workshop on a temporary basis, with residences in the centre available for a minimum of 1 month and a maximum of 3 months depending on the project. The Associació d'Idees will create, from applications with the required documentation, a list of artists interested in accessing a workshop at La Escocesa. In each call for access to a studio, whether on a temporary basis or for more than 6 months, the jury will choose the artists who will occupy the new spaces. The dates of the calls for access to spaces for more than 3 months will be published periodically, and the deadline for submitting the documentation will stay open for a period of two weeks after its publication.

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